Dave Dodge, L.C.S.W., C.I.R.T.

Anxiety/Trauma Specialist

"What you Resist Persists

What you Look at Disappears"

Initially by Carl Jung,

later expanded by others

"What you Resist Persists

What you Look at Disappears"

I help people "look at" and Release those parts of themselves they are "resisting"
or, in other words, hiding from, denying or covering up because these
parts cause some kind of pain or discomfort.
When we Resist these parts we are actually making things worse for ourselves
because these parts are the root causes of all of our mental, emotional and behavioral dysfunction. These parts cause our negative thoughts/beliefs, feelings that create our anxiety, worry, fear, panic, depression, anger, guilt, shame, at least some of our physical pain, etc.
These parts are also responsible for our subsequent dysfunctional behaviors
(i.e.,procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing, relationship problems, self-esteem problems, any and all insecurities, substance abuse problems, including drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, sugar, caffeine, gambling, shopping issues, and the list goes on and on.
The incredible irony to this resisting process is that if you simply "look at" these parts that are causing all the dysfunction, they would go away, "disappear", and not be a part of your life any more, thereby Releasing your anxiety, worry, fear, panic, depression, anger, guilt, and even physical pain, etc. And, of course, you would also discontinue the subsequent negative, dysfunctional behaviors that these parts caused as well.
Whereas, if you don't "look at" those parts you "resist" they will continue to affect you negatively more and more for the rest of your life.​
So what are you resisting that's causing problems in your life? What do you want to "look" at so that issue can be released and disappear so you can live a healthier, happier life?
Is the Stress in your life making you Anxious, Tired, Fearful, Depressed, Angry, or even Physically Sick?
I have 35 years of experience Helping People Release Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Panic, Depression, Anger, and even Physical Pain and
Free ebook - 7 Effective Methods to Release Your Stress


The more Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Worry, Panic, Depression,  
Anger, Guilt and Shame you RELEASE the more Relaxed,
Happy, Confident, Peaceful and Successful you will become.

The Alternative methods I use in my Practice, (i.e., E.M.D.R.Brainspotting, E.F.T., Parts Therapy, the W.H.E.E. Therapy method, Ask and Receive, The Sedona Method, etc.), help people release the disturbing memories caused by their adverse life experiences which initially created their negative thoughts, feelings (and resultant negative behaviors).


These memories are stored in the deeper parts of the brain and are the root causes of their mental/emotional issue(s) (i.e., anxiety, worry, panic, fear, phobias, depression, anger, guilt, shame, even physical pain, etc.). These deeper parts of the brain are not accessible by talk therapy, therefore talk therapy cannot release these memories, thoughts or feelings.


These methods are also incredibly effective in helping people to work on and release issues related to procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing, relationship problems, self-esteem problems, any and all insecurities, substance abuse problems, including drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, sugar, caffeine, gambling, shopping issues, and the list goes on and on. As a matter of fact, the methods I use will help you let go of any dysfunction you have that has resulted from a negative life experience.

As I have worked with these methods over the years, it has been my experience that once the disturbing memories (along with any “extra-charge” of emotion connected to the memories) are released so too are the issue(s) that the client initially came in with to work on. Length of treatment depends on the level of intensity and duration of the disturbing event/events the client experienced.



"Meeting you has been a life changer for me. The negative feelings and thoughts that I always had, have now left my daily life and opened the door for a positive attitude for living. Fear and anxiety no longer dominate me and through this journey you have always been compassionate, caring, patient, and encouraging. You have taught me the tools to handle my fears so I could be more independent and take more control of my life. I am stronger, more sure of myself and happier. Thank you!!!"  R.C.

“Dave has a keen ability to listen to his clients and offer them “tools” they can use to move from crisis to comfort. He helps them bring clarity to their thinking and his therapeutic methods give them a sense of relief. He has helped me to search inside myself for the answers and quickly progress to resolving my concerns & reaching my goals.” A.M. 

“I cannot thank you enough for the methods you showed me (E.M.D.R. and Brainspotting) and how you truly helped me with some of the issues I have been going through. I have been feeling so much better and my mood has really lightened after such a very short time. I didn’t fight one time with my family over the holidays and I am no longer feeling so angry at my ex. I appreciate all the help. Thank you very much."  E.A.

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Dave Dodge, L.C.S.W., C.I.R.T.

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Dave Dodge, L.C.S.W.
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I am a therapist with over 40 years of experience working with people to help them resolve the issues that are creating problems in their life. I am Certified and trained in a number of alternative therapies that are quicker, easier and much more effective than talk therapy in releasing one's issues.

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